Margarita Soyfertis
Using the mosaic medium to bringing bright colors and vibrancy to threedimentional spaces, consepts and sculptures.   I would like to comby ancient forms of art and latest green technologies in the sculptural forms as the next artistic development.
Since 2004 I patricipated in Public art competitions and sucssesfuly installed several projects  listed below and more in my resume.  Organized and registrate artistic bussiness Tesserae-Mosaic Studio. Working with the cities authorities, contractors, challenges of the budget and timelines i ganed great deal of experience  to lead to compleetion and artistic qualities of an art project
  I recieved traditional art training in Kiev, Ukraine and I have been working in mosaic and sculpture art for 14 years, and teaching art for 30 years.

You can see my work on :,
 and in a public places around the bay area:
Group Mosaic for HR department, Google, Mountain View, CA
San Bruno Centenniel, San Bruno CalTrain Station, Public Art project, City of San Bruno, CA
Facilitated and Designed Youth Group Participation Mural "Blooming in the Fragrance Alley way", Hang Ah alleyway, Chinatown, San Francisco, CA,
Integrative Dentistry front store sign, Irving x7th street, San Francisco, CA, 
Mosaic Fountain at Shannon Community Cenrer, Dublin, CA,
Various mosaic projects for Pandermonium Aviaries, Los Altos Hills.
Facilitated and Designed Student Participation Mural, Los Altos High School, Los Altos, CA, 
Facilitated and Designed Student Participation Mural for retiring teacher, various commisons, Santa Rita Elementary School,
Facilitated Student Participtaion in a Mosaic Enterance Sign, Cesar Chavez Elementary school,
Facilitated Student Participtation in a School Sign, Luciels Nixon Elementory School,
Facilitated Mosaic Installation of School Mascot, Barron Park Elementary schools,
Designed and Facilitated Student participation of mosaic garden boxes and signs at Brentwood Academy, East Palo Alto, 
and much more.